Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring is here... in March???

Our trees are blooming in the front yard, yet it is only March? They are so pretty, our street is lined with pretty white blossoming flowers. I know we will have another freeze and they will all die off. But I'm really hoping the bluebonnets don't bloom soon. Last year we didn't get pics in the bluebonnets because they bloomed so early then we had a freeze : ( I really want pics of the kids in the bluebonnets this year! Texas weather is CRAZY!!!

So the blooms inspired me to make a spring dress for Makayla, although it fits now so I'm not sure if she'll be able to wear it when it's actually spring. Who knows maybe we'll get more CRAZY Texas weather again and she can wear it next week!

So Katie talked me into making a pillowcase dress which I'm not a huge fan of. They are a little too unshaped for my taste, and I'm not a fan of the ribbon scrunched at the top. It looks a little too homemade. But I decided to wing it and change it up a tad. I basically just started cutting the fabric and stitching it up, because I didn't have a pattern or a tutorial to go off of. It was actually really easy to make. I think finished it in less than an hour, and let me tell you it was defiantly not an uninterrupted hour. I started right after Makayla went down for a nap, but she had other plans and decided she wasn't ready to go to sleep. So after listening to her fuss for awhile I plopped her down in her playpen in my sewing room and went to work. So here it is... not too bad for my first dress. I have a lot of cute fabric I've been wanting to do something with so maybe I'll make a few more different styles of dresses that she will actually be able to wear this summer!

My version of a pillowcase Dress:

1 yard of fabric
matching thread
binding or trim (I used a cloth trim)

  1. Cut out an A- line shape on fabric (measure your child where you want the length to come down to and her widest part, then add about an inch and a half at least for extra room to grow and seam allowance) cut the other piece of fabric to match.
2. Pin right sides of fabric together. Cut out a J shape of the fabrics for the arm holes.

3. Hem the bottom of dress.

4. Sew the sides of the dress together.

5. Fold 1/2" down on top of the dress and hem.

6. Turn the dress right side out. Pin your bias tape or trim around the armholes, and sew
them down.

7. Cut off four pieces (10"-15" depending on age of child, I used 10" for my 9 month old)
bias tape or trim and sew at each corner of the top of the dress for straps. (Your going to tie
these over their shoulders)

8. And to add some detail you can take some rick-rack or trim you have laying around and
sew it to the bottom of the dress. It would also be cute to turn it into an empire waist
(sew the trip under the bust lol line of the dress)

Thats it! Sorry about no pics for the directions I was trying to get it done before Makayla lost interest in the play pen!

Look she's standing with no hands!!! She's been practicing this quite a bit, but I'm not sure she actually notices when she does it.

On another note... is booming!!! Kyle and his associates (haha, that just sounds funny) have really been promoting my site and I am now ranking on the first page of for quite a number of searches! WOW!!! And we are adding lots of new products now!

Now I'm off to watch my DVR'd Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The family on the show actually lives in the area! I love that show, they do so many great things for people!


Anonymous said...

That dress is so cute, and I love her bow!!!

Jason & Katie Pittenger said...

I LOVE it!!!! That looks so cute! I love the picture with her holding the flower that matches. You are so crafty and creative! I am very jealous

Autumn Morgan said...

You are so crafty and creative! I love it!!! Im trying to get more that way. I mean, Im trying to learn new things. I used my new sewing machine to make Iris' curtains but thats about it. I looked at dress patterns at wal mart the otehr day, but I dont know a thing about which fabrics to buy. Your dress is darling!!