Thursday, March 5, 2009

Are you feeling Crafty? .... I am

I've been feeling extra crafty lately, don't really know why? But here are the latest....

These shirts I made with soft fabric paint and stamps, not to much explanation necessary for these. I got the idea from Darby, who I now blog stock ; ) She has so many great ideas, you should check out her blog!

These I actually thought of on my own (I usually see someone else have a great idea and then change it up a bit) I bought some granimals shirts from walmart for only $3.50 each. Then I cleaned out Kyle's closet and got out all his old dress shirts he doesn't wear anymore. I cut out these designs and just appliqued them on with my sewing machine. So they each have custom shirts that are kind of a keepsake at the same time. And the fabric was free, so that was even better. And no Kyle did not have a motorcycle dress shirt. That fabric was from Kobi's babyshower (motorcycle theme) so I'm so happy that I finally got a chance to use the fabric for something ; ) I have many more shirts left so be looking for more to come ; )

*This was one of Kyle's 7 Diamonds Shirts (I couldn't let an expensive shirt go to waste) It's hard to tell but it was embroidered in black)


Jason & Katie Pittenger said...

I wish I was as crafty as you! You make me so jealous!