Friday, March 13, 2009

What a week, what a post

Wow it has been one busy week! I had lots of orders to make and get out, business is better than ever, I had shower preparations to do, made some cute things for some of my friends that are having babies, and got to hang out at the hospital for 12 hours while Katie had her babies! What a week!

First off, I am so excited for Katie and Jason, little and I really mean that little Kinley & Ansley were born Thursday March, 12! I haven't seen them yet, but it's ok I will soon enough and then I'm sure I will get to see lots of them if Katie & Jason ever move here ; ) Thursday started off a pretty normal day. I was taking Katie to her check-up at the doctor, and then we were maybe going to eat lunch, and thats all the plans I had for the day, or so I thought. It seems the babies had a different plan for the day. I won't go into detail, because the only people that really read this were there : ) But the day ended with the birth of two beautiful little girls! Katie and Jason now have two beautiful little girls to take care of. I am so excited for them, I only wish they would be able to leave the hospital in a few days. But they will get bigger and leave soon enough. Tomorrow I will hopefully get to see them in person. They are only allowed a few visitors a day, and so many people really want to see them! *This is Katie at almost 33 weeks and 2cm dialated

*These are her contractions at the bottom, and the girls heartbeats at the top

Katie's baby shower has for the second time been postponed, but it will happend eventually and it is going to be a great shower!

I had this shopping cart cover pattern laying around so I decided to give it ago, Makayla was using Kobi's old shopping cart cover and it had seen etter days. I started reading the pattern, and it was basically in Chinese. I've used patterns before, but this didn't even make sense. So I called my grandmother (sewing pro) and she couldn't understand it either so we winged it! But it turned out great as you can see, and Makayla loved it!
*We are in our favorite isle in this pic ; )

Kyle has been telling me for a month now about this wonderful Valentine's Surprise he had coming for me, well it's way past Valentine's, but I got it yesterday! And he was right it is wonderful! He's doing a website for a friend who has a company who does paintings from replica's. He gave them this picture and they had someone paint it, and it actually wasn't a machine that did it, it was a real person (thats rare these days) It was the best gift ever, it's on a shelf in our bedroom for now, but I want to get it framed soon. haha, I just noticed this is the picture that is on my front blog page : ) I must have really liked this photo!
*This is the actual pic

*This is the painting

Kobi had his first Soccer practice on Tuesday. It's through the YMCA, and the age for his team is 3-5 year olds which I'm not happy about. He turned 3 in December, so he is the smallest one on the team. He is really good at dribbling the ball so I thought he would be so great. They were doing a practice game and Kobi was trying so hard. But he came running to me half way through the game and said, " I can't get the ball" well duh, don't put 3 year olds and 5 year olds on the same team, it's a huge difference in size. They 5 year olds of course were ahead of the pack and had the ball the whole time. I hope his first game isn't like this or I'm gonna have to do something. Is that the soccer mom in me coming out? His first game was scheduled for this week, but with this rainy weather it has been cancled.
* Kobi's in the far right in the white shirt *This was Makayla's 1st time playing in the grass

Here's a random video of Kobi making Makayla laugh!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Getting Close

Here is a video of Makayla from yesterday, she is getting close to walking. But I'm ok if she stays a baby for awhile longer ; )

*It was her naptime, that accounts for part of the fussiness.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Are you feeling Crafty? .... I am

I've been feeling extra crafty lately, don't really know why? But here are the latest....

These shirts I made with soft fabric paint and stamps, not to much explanation necessary for these. I got the idea from Darby, who I now blog stock ; ) She has so many great ideas, you should check out her blog!

These I actually thought of on my own (I usually see someone else have a great idea and then change it up a bit) I bought some granimals shirts from walmart for only $3.50 each. Then I cleaned out Kyle's closet and got out all his old dress shirts he doesn't wear anymore. I cut out these designs and just appliqued them on with my sewing machine. So they each have custom shirts that are kind of a keepsake at the same time. And the fabric was free, so that was even better. And no Kyle did not have a motorcycle dress shirt. That fabric was from Kobi's babyshower (motorcycle theme) so I'm so happy that I finally got a chance to use the fabric for something ; ) I have many more shirts left so be looking for more to come ; )

*This was one of Kyle's 7 Diamonds Shirts (I couldn't let an expensive shirt go to waste) It's hard to tell but it was embroidered in black)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Only boys wear blue

So I am never going to dress Makayla in blue again without putting a bow on her head, even if the blue outfit is covered in flower print. Apparently only boy baby's are allowed to wear blue. About 6 people came up to Makayla and I while we were out today commenting on what big blue eyes "he" has. I just smiled and said "yes she does have big blue eyes she has" (some caught on ; ) One older man even said, "oh he's a little cross-eyed, but don't worry that will go away" Can you believe that??? I mean who says that? And she's not cross-eyed. I just wanted to be like, "look old man your the cross-eyed one!!!" Geese people! People think babies are free game, they can stop you from doing what your doing (while I'm in a rush to get home before naptime) to stop and talk to your baby, critique them, and touch all over them. I just want to be like "don't touch her I don't know where your hands have been, but I know her's about to be, IN HER MOUTH."
This was one convo I had with an older woman:
Lady: What a precious little boy, how old is he?
Me: SHE is 9 months
Lady: Oh I guess she's not talking then, is she crawling
Me: No talking yet, and yes she is crawling
Lady: Oh hhhmmm (as she's waving) Does she not wave yet, surely she can wave by now
Me: Nope no waving (by now I'm trying to get out of there)

*This is the outfit Makayla was wearing today minus the bow

Anyways... that's my rant of the day, I guess I have been pretty lucky that so far no one has come up to me and told me how to deal with my child better than I do.


So I just got my Victoria Secret order in the mail today! And I loved everything I got! Only thing is I have to return my swim suit, it doesn't fit... Because it's too BIG!!!! For once! I hate swim suit shopping esp at Target everything I always try on is too small, but not this time! Speaking of Target, I got a fitness ball today! So now I can start working out. When I was at my fittest 2 summers ago, I was using the ball and doing a full body work-out on it every other day while I watch an hour tv show. So I get to stay home, work-out, and watch tv! It can't get any easier than that, and it only cost me a total of $18 (I got a set of 3 lb weights.)

*Now if only my ball can make me look like this in my swimsuit!

So, i failed on my no sweets for a month, thanks to a certain someone who made the best cookies ever! But those cookies were so good I don't even care it was worth it! I did last a week though, and that's not too bad for as much as I like to eat sweets.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring is here... in March???

Our trees are blooming in the front yard, yet it is only March? They are so pretty, our street is lined with pretty white blossoming flowers. I know we will have another freeze and they will all die off. But I'm really hoping the bluebonnets don't bloom soon. Last year we didn't get pics in the bluebonnets because they bloomed so early then we had a freeze : ( I really want pics of the kids in the bluebonnets this year! Texas weather is CRAZY!!!

So the blooms inspired me to make a spring dress for Makayla, although it fits now so I'm not sure if she'll be able to wear it when it's actually spring. Who knows maybe we'll get more CRAZY Texas weather again and she can wear it next week!

So Katie talked me into making a pillowcase dress which I'm not a huge fan of. They are a little too unshaped for my taste, and I'm not a fan of the ribbon scrunched at the top. It looks a little too homemade. But I decided to wing it and change it up a tad. I basically just started cutting the fabric and stitching it up, because I didn't have a pattern or a tutorial to go off of. It was actually really easy to make. I think finished it in less than an hour, and let me tell you it was defiantly not an uninterrupted hour. I started right after Makayla went down for a nap, but she had other plans and decided she wasn't ready to go to sleep. So after listening to her fuss for awhile I plopped her down in her playpen in my sewing room and went to work. So here it is... not too bad for my first dress. I have a lot of cute fabric I've been wanting to do something with so maybe I'll make a few more different styles of dresses that she will actually be able to wear this summer!

My version of a pillowcase Dress:

1 yard of fabric
matching thread
binding or trim (I used a cloth trim)

  1. Cut out an A- line shape on fabric (measure your child where you want the length to come down to and her widest part, then add about an inch and a half at least for extra room to grow and seam allowance) cut the other piece of fabric to match.
2. Pin right sides of fabric together. Cut out a J shape of the fabrics for the arm holes.

3. Hem the bottom of dress.

4. Sew the sides of the dress together.

5. Fold 1/2" down on top of the dress and hem.

6. Turn the dress right side out. Pin your bias tape or trim around the armholes, and sew
them down.

7. Cut off four pieces (10"-15" depending on age of child, I used 10" for my 9 month old)
bias tape or trim and sew at each corner of the top of the dress for straps. (Your going to tie
these over their shoulders)

8. And to add some detail you can take some rick-rack or trim you have laying around and
sew it to the bottom of the dress. It would also be cute to turn it into an empire waist
(sew the trip under the bust lol line of the dress)

Thats it! Sorry about no pics for the directions I was trying to get it done before Makayla lost interest in the play pen!

Look she's standing with no hands!!! She's been practicing this quite a bit, but I'm not sure she actually notices when she does it.

On another note... is booming!!! Kyle and his associates (haha, that just sounds funny) have really been promoting my site and I am now ranking on the first page of for quite a number of searches! WOW!!! And we are adding lots of new products now!

Now I'm off to watch my DVR'd Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The family on the show actually lives in the area! I love that show, they do so many great things for people!