Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Only boys wear blue

So I am never going to dress Makayla in blue again without putting a bow on her head, even if the blue outfit is covered in flower print. Apparently only boy baby's are allowed to wear blue. About 6 people came up to Makayla and I while we were out today commenting on what big blue eyes "he" has. I just smiled and said "yes she does have big blue eyes she has" (some caught on ; ) One older man even said, "oh he's a little cross-eyed, but don't worry that will go away" Can you believe that??? I mean who says that? And she's not cross-eyed. I just wanted to be like, "look old man your the cross-eyed one!!!" Geese people! People think babies are free game, they can stop you from doing what your doing (while I'm in a rush to get home before naptime) to stop and talk to your baby, critique them, and touch all over them. I just want to be like "don't touch her I don't know where your hands have been, but I know her's about to be, IN HER MOUTH."
This was one convo I had with an older woman:
Lady: What a precious little boy, how old is he?
Me: SHE is 9 months
Lady: Oh I guess she's not talking then, is she crawling
Me: No talking yet, and yes she is crawling
Lady: Oh hhhmmm (as she's waving) Does she not wave yet, surely she can wave by now
Me: Nope no waving (by now I'm trying to get out of there)

*This is the outfit Makayla was wearing today minus the bow

Anyways... that's my rant of the day, I guess I have been pretty lucky that so far no one has come up to me and told me how to deal with my child better than I do.


Emily said...

People are idiots sometimes!! I think SHE is adorable!!!! And wear blue :)

Celice said...

haha, I think baby girls look lovely in blue!