Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So I just got my Victoria Secret order in the mail today! And I loved everything I got! Only thing is I have to return my swim suit, it doesn't fit... Because it's too BIG!!!! For once! I hate swim suit shopping esp at Target everything I always try on is too small, but not this time! Speaking of Target, I got a fitness ball today! So now I can start working out. When I was at my fittest 2 summers ago, I was using the ball and doing a full body work-out on it every other day while I watch an hour tv show. So I get to stay home, work-out, and watch tv! It can't get any easier than that, and it only cost me a total of $18 (I got a set of 3 lb weights.)

*Now if only my ball can make me look like this in my swimsuit!

So, i failed on my no sweets for a month, thanks to a certain someone who made the best cookies ever! But those cookies were so good I don't even care it was worth it! I did last a week though, and that's not too bad for as much as I like to eat sweets.