Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sweet Hair

Lets see I have two I guess I would call them "goals"
1. I can't dye or cut my hair until Katie does
2. No sweets for a month started 2/23 ends 3/23 (Celice started it, and I followed)

So I have been doing ok on the 1st one, but my roots are getting bad : ( So far so good though, I think my hair will eventually be naturally blonde so I am happy that hopefully I will not have to color it again until I go gray or it starts getting mousey. And it's getting longer (my hair grows so slow) I've been told if you aren't coloring your hair it will grow faster, and I'm also taking Biotin (when I remember) thats supposed to help it grow faster.

And the 2nd one was basically just to ween myself off sweets (I have been eating a dessert after like each meal) I need to be in swim suit shape this summer (I have no excuse this year) I don't want to look like a frumpy mom anymore!

I must confess though I accidently ate 2 peanutbutter m&m's today while visiting with Katie! I was just standing there beside her table and was talking and I just picked them up without thinking and ate 2 before I realized what I was doing. It's no big deal, but it's crazy how it's just a habbit and we do these things without even thinking (eating junk) So I guess this means I have to start over???

After the sweet month is over (if I can ever get through it) I might go for Cokes. I only drink cokes if I go out to eat (we don't have them at home because we would drink them all the time) So it may not be that hard.


Emily said...

Wow.. I don't know if I could ever give up the sweets!!

Celice said...

Yeah, it's okay, I'm starting over too! Randall really wanted cookies the other night (which he rarely does), so I made him some. It is physically impossible for me to make cookies without eating half the dough... oops!