Friday, March 13, 2009

What a week, what a post

Wow it has been one busy week! I had lots of orders to make and get out, business is better than ever, I had shower preparations to do, made some cute things for some of my friends that are having babies, and got to hang out at the hospital for 12 hours while Katie had her babies! What a week!

First off, I am so excited for Katie and Jason, little and I really mean that little Kinley & Ansley were born Thursday March, 12! I haven't seen them yet, but it's ok I will soon enough and then I'm sure I will get to see lots of them if Katie & Jason ever move here ; ) Thursday started off a pretty normal day. I was taking Katie to her check-up at the doctor, and then we were maybe going to eat lunch, and thats all the plans I had for the day, or so I thought. It seems the babies had a different plan for the day. I won't go into detail, because the only people that really read this were there : ) But the day ended with the birth of two beautiful little girls! Katie and Jason now have two beautiful little girls to take care of. I am so excited for them, I only wish they would be able to leave the hospital in a few days. But they will get bigger and leave soon enough. Tomorrow I will hopefully get to see them in person. They are only allowed a few visitors a day, and so many people really want to see them! *This is Katie at almost 33 weeks and 2cm dialated

*These are her contractions at the bottom, and the girls heartbeats at the top

Katie's baby shower has for the second time been postponed, but it will happend eventually and it is going to be a great shower!

I had this shopping cart cover pattern laying around so I decided to give it ago, Makayla was using Kobi's old shopping cart cover and it had seen etter days. I started reading the pattern, and it was basically in Chinese. I've used patterns before, but this didn't even make sense. So I called my grandmother (sewing pro) and she couldn't understand it either so we winged it! But it turned out great as you can see, and Makayla loved it!
*We are in our favorite isle in this pic ; )

Kyle has been telling me for a month now about this wonderful Valentine's Surprise he had coming for me, well it's way past Valentine's, but I got it yesterday! And he was right it is wonderful! He's doing a website for a friend who has a company who does paintings from replica's. He gave them this picture and they had someone paint it, and it actually wasn't a machine that did it, it was a real person (thats rare these days) It was the best gift ever, it's on a shelf in our bedroom for now, but I want to get it framed soon. haha, I just noticed this is the picture that is on my front blog page : ) I must have really liked this photo!
*This is the actual pic

*This is the painting

Kobi had his first Soccer practice on Tuesday. It's through the YMCA, and the age for his team is 3-5 year olds which I'm not happy about. He turned 3 in December, so he is the smallest one on the team. He is really good at dribbling the ball so I thought he would be so great. They were doing a practice game and Kobi was trying so hard. But he came running to me half way through the game and said, " I can't get the ball" well duh, don't put 3 year olds and 5 year olds on the same team, it's a huge difference in size. They 5 year olds of course were ahead of the pack and had the ball the whole time. I hope his first game isn't like this or I'm gonna have to do something. Is that the soccer mom in me coming out? His first game was scheduled for this week, but with this rainy weather it has been cancled.
* Kobi's in the far right in the white shirt *This was Makayla's 1st time playing in the grass

Here's a random video of Kobi making Makayla laugh!


Celice said...

It was a long post, but a good one! Yay for new babies, and shopping cart covers, and children laughing!

Emily said...

Love the painting!! What a great Valentine's Day present! :)