Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Relaxing Weekend... LOL

What a great weekend we had. Kobi was staying at my dad's for the weekend so we decided it was a great opportunity to get some things done around the house (last minute thought) I have
been looking for an armoire to paint to go upstairs in the gameroom. The tv stand currently up there is not the safest for a crawling and soon to be toddling baby. I can just see her crawling under it and it collapsing on top of her. So that thought got stuck in my head and I was determined to find a fix for it and fast! I had been looking on Craigslist the last part of last week trying to find a cheap solid wood armoire I could paint. And after a few days I found one that I thought would be great the only problem it was over an hour away and we would have to get out Kyle's dad's trailer and go all the way out there Saturday am, which would take up a lot of the day that I could be working on fixing it up. So we woke up Sat morning and started getting ready to leave to go pick it up and we thought well maybe we should look on Craigslist one last time to see if maybe something was more in the area. And there it was the perfect armoire for $100 and it was only a mile away! So I called right away (it had just been listed that am) the lady said she had someone coming out that afternoon to pick it up. We couldn't let it getaway so we offered $50 more dollars and said we would come right away. And of course they said yes : ) So instead of going 30 min out of the way to go get the trailer we called our wonderful friend and asked to borrow their truck. (Thank you so much Celice!) So we picked it up and went straight home to see what needed to be done to fix it up the way we wanted! After a couple trips to Lowes and two of their hot dogs (they have the best hot dogs ever) and some advice from their knowledgeable specialists we go all the instructions we needed to get started!

It actually wasn't that hard at all, just time consuming.

1. Apply de-glosser (finish remover, it's like nail polish remover)
2. Sand lightly (thanks for the Electric sander Celice it went much faster)
3. Paint on primer
4. Apply paint (a couple of coats)

It basically took 1 day on off waiting for it to dry to complete it, the next day we put all the doors and shelves back on an it was done!

We also installed our entry way chandiler and living room fan that we have been waiting for. (we had to borrow a 20 ft ladder from a lighting store to be able to install both)

Kyle applying the finish remover

Some of the primed doors

Finished armoire (it's hard to tell but it's a light blue)

Entry way candlier


Emily said...

Love it!!!

Something Borrowed, Something Blue... said...

Your blog is so cute! I can't figure out how to change anything unless I go to a website that has the page already made for me lol, I need your help!

Something Borrowed, Something Blue... said...

Oh I like that you put instructions on here, I have an armoire and it is white but I wanted to stain it or something.. not sure yet what color

Rach said...

As weird as it sounds, those are my kinda' weekends! I love doing stuff to the house! It looks great!!!