Friday, February 13, 2009

Cake Sandwich's!

*This plate was one of my Christmas presents, I love them!!!

I made these for the first time last night, and they turned out great! They were super easy to make!

Cake Sandwich

  • 1 box of your favorite cake (I used Red Velvet)
  • 1 box instant pudding
  • 1 tub of icing

  1. follow directions on box EXCEPT use 3/4 cup water instead and pour in 1 small package of instant pudding (depending on what kind of cake box your using vanilla or chocolate) (I used chocolate pudding in the red velvet box)
  2. Heat to specified temp
  3. Spoon out drops of cake batter on a parchment or foil covered cookie sheet. (this may take several cookie sheets)
  4. Bake 10-13 min (I put 3 cookie sheets in at the same time so it took about 25 min to cook fully)
  5. Stick a toothpick in one of the "cakes" to make sure they are cooked throughly.
  6. Let the "cakes" cool then spread icing on the bottom of one of the "cakes" and sandwich with another one. (I used a whipped icing so it wasn't so sweet, but use whichever you like best) And your done!!! 1 box of cake makes about 10-12 Cake Sandwich's.