Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Poor Little Girls

"This is actually a real pageant pic of a little girl; that I'm sure was much cuter without all the make-up, hair pieces, tan, and photoshop."

Ok I was watching this show tonight "Little Miss Perfect" on WE, and I was utterly disgusted so I had to vent...

This really makes me sick, that these babies yes a lot of them are under the age of 5, are dressed up like this! These girls wear more make up and look older than I do! No wonder there are sicko pervs that get off on little girls! These girls are made up to look like little tramps and then go out on stage in a tiny swimsuit or dress and shake their hips and pucker up and blow kisses to the audience!

This was a quote from one of the pageant moms, "There's no difference in my girl doing pageants than a little boy putting football pads on or a little cheerleader. " HaHa yeah there is they don't look like mini adults, and they actually have talent!

Some of the moms also take their kids to tanning salons and have their hair bleached when they are barely in Kindergarten.

Another pageant mom said, "Don't ever say you wouldn't put make-up, hair pieces and tak your daughter to get a tan, because you will, I did!" I can guarntee that you will never see Makayla in one of those SICKO PAGEANTS!!!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely on this, I watched one of these shows last week, and it made me mad the things they do to those little girls:(