Friday, May 8, 2009

Kelly's Home Tour: Living Room!

I know I haven't blogged in awhile but I'm saving up all blogs for one week! I have lots of recipes to add and some big events coming up; new BabyOso items and news, Mother's day, Makayla's 1st b-day parties, weddings, my new hobby (cake decorating) lots of stuff! Stay Tuned!

I didn't participate in Kitchen Friday so I posted a pic at the end, and a question to go along with it. (I need window treatment help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Disclaimer: I have two kids, a 3 year old boy and a almost 1 year old girl; this is why I do not have a lot of decorations low at their grabbing level, also I like simplicity in decorating and , (I'm lazy and hate to dust, less clutter means less dusting.)

above: This is the view if you walk in my front door looking straight out into the living room.

above: this is the the central part of the house, we took out the ottoman so the kids had lots of room to play. They have a game room upstairs but prefer to be downstairs.

above: this is the view standing at the back of the living room wall of windows looking out to the front of the house.

above: this is the view standing in front of the TV cabinet looking into the kitchen. I wish I had room for bar stools at the bar but there's not enough room unless we move the couch closer to the TV and that means less space for the kids to play.

above: our TV cabinet which I love, I was inspired by Candace Olsen. It's taken me 3 years to gather up things to put in the shelves and I'm still not 100% sure I like the way it looks. (It's a work in progress)

above: HELP!!!!!!! I so badly want some sort of window treatment to go on this window but I cannot for the life of me figure out what would look best. I can sew so I can customize it, just please tell me what you think would look best. (FYI the top of the top window is about 20ft from the ground.)

above: This is the mantel above the fireplace, the clock was a gift from some great friends. The family portrait was taken almost exactly a year ago. It was taken 1 week after her birth (that's why I look so bloated)

above: this is the view from the front door looking into our dining/ formal living room.

above: this is the view from the entryway looking into the dining/ formal living room. As you can see I have a color scheme going on, a different color for each of the main rooms. Living room is green, dining/ formal room is blue, and kitchen is going to be yellow and orange.

above: this is just another view of the formal room.

above: Our beautiful wine cabinet. (No wine or wine glasses because of the kiddos) I love the nickle elephant!)

above:HELP!!!!!!!! here's part of the kitchen. There isn't much going on in the rest of the kitchen except for soon to be re-pained cabinets! This is another window I am trying to make window treatments for. I once again have no idea what to do here. please give me your suggestions!!!!
above: the kids table was my inspiration for the orange and yellow kitchen. I have been looking a long time for the perfect table and I finally found it at Babies R Us I think it's a pretty new model. This play mat brings all of the colors in the downstairs together, I love it!

above: I made this tonight to kind of start bringing the kitchen colors together (the highchair not the drop cloth on the floor) It is little yellow and orange lemons, and the best part it's reversible. So the lemons are perfect for Spring and Summer and the...

above: Leopard is perfect for fall and Winter!

Wow that was a really long post did any one make it to the end?????????


Jason & Katie Pittenger said...

I did I did!! I was going to suggest some modern window treatments with lemon and oranges but I guess you want it season appropriate... dork! Love you

Rachel said...

I like the green stuff. I have high ceilings like yours and I love them!

Donna said...

We have 20 ft windows in our home as well and we hung a huge rod at the very top (hope your not scared of heights!) and hung curtains all the way down (on each side)! It is a beautiful and dramatic look and it makes the room look bigger. It also helps to keep the height. We got the idea from looking at tons of showhomes and that's what they did. We hung two curtains one on each side but I've also seen four curtains hung too with a gap in between(KWIM?), it just depends how wide your windows are.

Cheri said...

Your home is so pretty!! Love the blue pieces......perfect color!

Jenny said...

Your home is lovely! I would leave the palladian windows open with no treatments. With them that high, no one will see you, but it will let in some great light.

Also, the middle window in the living room could be left uncovered and then you could just make a treatment for the bottom window.

Meredith said...

Thanks for everyone's advice so far. I am going to try them out! My other problem is the sun sets in the back window, and down here in TX it is very very hot. I keep the blinds shut most of the time because it lets in too much light, and it really heats up the house. Same problem for the kitchen too!

noahandlylasmommi said...

Your home is gorgeous! Love the green!

Celice said...

What a cute highchair cover! I agree with Katie and think you should use the same fabric for some fun curtains in the kitchen - maybe a faux Roman shade? And in the living room I say you put the rod between the top and middle window and hang two long panels on either side for a dramatic effect! Now get to work!

Lauren said...

I love you're taste! Do you shop at Rooms To Go? I think I have those same living rm. couches! Also, I love the armless striped chair you have next to your dinning rm. Where did you get that?


Lisa T. said...

do you make those highchair covers to sell in your store (didn't see them)? i have the same highchair and hate the cover that comes with it. will you email and let me know please. i may be interested in purchasing one. thanks!

p.s. i found you through kelly's korner.

Sar(Mrs.Teddy) said...

You have an awesome space! I love the high ceilings, big windows & archways. All the pops of green are great! Very inspring! Thanks for sharing!

The Stain Family said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Candace Olsen! She puts all the other decor shows to shame...I'd be happy with her just decorating a closet! ha.

Maybe you can find some good ideas at The Nesting Place; She does some wonderful window MIStreatments. ;) Numero uno though, I would say don't hide your beautiful window {except for when the hot sun is shining in!}...utilize the wall space on either side of your window to "stack" your curtains.

Happy sewing!