Saturday, January 24, 2009

Resolution Time

So my New Year's Resolution was basically to be a better "Stay at home mom." I think I've been doing well so far. I'm using my Crock Pot quiet often and spending more time at home instead of out shopping. I went to Grapevine Mills today and it wasn't even my idea, and the only money I spent was on 3 pairs of pj's for Kobi that he desperately needed. I wish I had a pic of him last night wearing a pair of Spiderman pj's from last year, haha! The sleeves came to right under is elbow, the bottom of the shirt was above his belly button, and the pants were beyond high waters! I'm slowly working on that "Super Mom" Title. I want to be the crafty homemaking type I just need to find time to do that. I guess maybe now that Kobi is back in MDO two days a week I might be able to.

So my little Makayla is mobile now! She started crawling recently. But she would still rather sit their and cry for me to pick her up than to do it herself. But of course I give in I secretly want her to stay a baby forever. She also pulls up on everything she can, toys, couch, my leg! But I don't think she will be waking anytime soon, she doesn't have a lot of balance. She still falls over when she's sitting quite a bit. I guess she won't be a dancer : ( Although when she stands it's usually on her tip toes so maybe she'll be a ballerina.

On another note... I think I am having early signs of Alzheimer's. I can remember something I did 2 min ago. It's becoming a handicap. I've laid my phone down twice in two months. and had them both stole. I went to the post office a few days ago, I got to the counter to pay and realized I left my wallet in the car, and then after I paid I left my wallet sitting on the counter. Luckily it didn't get stolen. And it just keeps getting worse everyday. Now I'm starting to forget words. I feel like I'm loosing my mind. I hope it's only temporary, I would hate to loose a kid! lol

Hopefully I'll remember to write another post in the next few days.