Monday, January 26, 2009

A little Good and a little bad

It started off to be a great day, I finally sold Mak's Stroller and car seat set after about 3 weeks! I guess I'm sorta sad that she's not in it anymore, she's growing up way too fast! We were given a new mattress (thanks Renata) so I put the old one on Craigs List this am. I didn't know people actually sold/bought mattress' on Craigs List but sure enough they do, kinda gross for the buyer ; ) Not mine of course but maybe other peoples! lol Anyway... I sold it after 15 min of it being listed! So now I just have one stroller left to sell, any takers? J/k. So by new I've already made a bit of money.

Now for the Bad, Mak got really hoarse sounding and is now coughing a lot, it's so sad sounding. I tried to get her in to the Doctor but it was already 4:00 and they said they were booked. So they told me to go to Cooks Urgent Care, and I despise this place!!! When Kobi was born I was sent here when he was 3 days old for an eye problem, where they said the eye thing was no big deal but informed me he had a heart murmur! What!!!!!!!! We had just left the hospital and no one said anything about a heart murmur, I was so upset I just about lost it, I think I cried the rest of the night. I didn't even know what a heart murmur was and they sure didn't tell me! Anyway no Kobi does not have a heart murmur our doctor checks everytime and has never noticed it. What an idiot doctor I had to deal with. So anyway, I got to Cooks this afternoon and the front desk lady was not that nice. I sat in the waiting room for about 10 min before I decided I didn't want to hear another misdiagnosis from a doctor so I walked out, never again will I go here!

More Bad... or at least annoying! I went to the fire station to have Mak's and Kobi's car seats installed correctly. I made an appointment with a car seat technician at that! Well he didn't even know as much as I did. So it's still not in correctly. I wish they didn't make those things so dang complicated! You know most people out there have their car seats installed incorrectly and don't buckle them in correctly either. Kinda scary!

Oh and the worst part of the day, I fell down the stairs, AGAIN!!! That's the second in like 2 weeks. At least this time I only kinda fell, my socks were wet so when I stepped from the last step to the tile, being in a rush I slipped and landed on my back. I think one day I'm going to fall down the stairs and break my neck, our next house will defiantly be a ranch style!
Anyway I'm hoping for a much more uneventful day tomorrow... cross your fingers!