Monday, August 18, 2008

This was quite a weekend! I don't think I've done so much in one weekend in a long time. Lets see Katie came in town for her "Big Business Meeting" on Thursday. So we ended up going to Six Flags Friday morning. Yes it was a bit rainy and chilly early that morning but ended up being a great day minus the humidity. And we got a great "deal" on a ticket for Katie, I have a season pass so it ended up being a very cheap day. As soon as we get in the gates, Katie is basically molested by the Joker, not kidding he was way creepy, I'll include a nice pic of that in a sec. Anyway... We went on several spinning rides which I'm glad I did not eat breakfast that morning, a log ride, where only Katie got drenched! lol I told you to DUCK!!! Not my fault! And a BIG "Tollercoaster" as Kobi would say. He loved the rollercoaster even though it was the scariest out of the bunch. We soon figured out that he does not like the spinning rides... I don't blame him! Anyway by the end of the day it was getting very hot and humid and we called it a day. But the day was not over. We were planning (Katie & I) on going to a softball game later that night to see one of Katie's friend, but the game was canceled due to rain. So the plans got moved to my house. Which I wasn't excited about just for the fact that my house was freshly cleaned. But oh well we had a good time. Pizza, games, and gossip what could be better! Boy was that a long day!

Well it actually started off rather early at 3:17 am with Katie calling. I answered the phone so quick so as not to wake Makayla but I had no idea what was going on I was half asleep. Katie sounded like she was crying (which she probably was)so I was worried, then she said that she had left her camera over at my house and needed to come get it because her sister was going into labor and she was leaving for OK and needed it. I guess thats a good enough reason to call me at such an hour; ) lol! Anyway... The day started off pretty boring since it was raining we were inside lounging around or at least trying to. After Kobi's nap it had cleared up and was great outside, cloudy and only warm and if you live in Texas you know how rare it is for it to be that nice in August, thats usually more of an October thing. So we decided it would be a great day to take the kids to the Zoo. It was perfect there way not a big crowd at all, probably because everyone was out shopping for Tax Free Weekend. As always Kobi loved seeing all the animals... his favorite is always the monkey's and now we have added the reptiles to his favorites he was most excited about seeing the lizzards or in Kobi language the "Wizzards" He now has decide that we need a pet and his pet he says is going to be a snake. Which is fine as long as it's not a spider I don't care. Although I don't think Celice will be coming over anymore in fear that it may get loose and come for her! lol.

Started started out with lots of Giggles... out of Makayla... yes she is now laughing and I have to say it's a great laugh I love it! She is such a happy baby full of wide open mouth smiles and now giggles! We had been planning for about a month on taking the kids to the Ringling Bros Circus. It started at 2:30 right in the middle of naptime! The circus was so crowded I couldn't believe how many people were there! But it was great and so expensive! But it was worth it. I think even if we didn't have kids we still would have gone it was so interesting! So surprisingly both kids made it through the entire show which was like 2 hrs long with only a few cries. We had planned on leaving the show a tad early to escape from the crowd but we couldn't stop watching. We had parked in the 3rd floor of the parking garage not such a good idea. It was a parking lot! Both kids were extremely tired and Makayla was hysterically crying in the car the whole time we were stuck in the parking garage. NOT FUN!!! But we made it home and both kids passed out the rest of the way home which is very unusual for Kobi!
So it was a great weekend full of family time and lots of pics!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Falling behind

Ok... I've been told I'm being a bad blogger by a certain someone so I will write a little about whats been going on which isn't much.

This week has gone by so so fast!!! I spent the rest of the weekend doing some things around the house but still seem like there is so much more to do. Oh and the photo frames we had purchased like 3 months ago are finally up on the wall. We actually have something on the wall in the gameroom now! The spare room is finally cleaned out and organized. And Kobi's room looks great. We finally got it set up where he has a toy shelf! Now he can go into his own room and play by himself. Although Makayla's room is wreck! All of Kobi's outgrown clothes are in there to be sorted and then boxed up to go in the attic until another boy comes along ; ) I'm hoping she will be able to sleep in her room soon, as soon as she starts sleeping through the night again. Yes again... now that she is still not eating as much during the day she wants an extra feeding at night is ok I'm just glad she will eat then so I will gladly wake up to feed her as much as I can. I hope this is a short phase because it is so stressful to feed her these days. I also hope its not a forsight in to the future that she will be a picky eater. Kobi is a great eater I can't imagine having to deal with a picky eater.

Well I'm trying to watch Project Runway and it's a little hard to concentrate on what I am writing so... THE END

Friday, August 8, 2008

My First Blog

Real Quick: I'm a 23 year old mom of 2, a boy: Kobi Cade age: 2.5, and a girl: Makayla Paige age: 3 months, I have a husband Kyle who is 23. We have been married for a little over 3 years now. We met through a friend, dated for awhile, got engaged on Valentines, got prego, got married, had a baby boy, bought a house, got prego again (planned) got a Mini Van : ) and a Hummer so were not total dorks, had a baby girl. Ok now your caught up! Whew!!! Ok... Now for the real Blog... Today was a very long day! Kobi is staying at Poppy & Grammy's house (my dad & stepmom's) for the weekend. So Kyle and I decided to have a productive weekend. Well actually I did, he wanted to go to the lake. So I won and were at home doing our honey -do- list. Today I painted the last room of the house that was left to paint... the laundry room. I spend a lot of time in this room and I was tired of looking at the white scuffed up walls. It's now a beautiful blue laundry oasis! It feels so nice to have the entire house finally painted after 2 years. While I was painting the room in between feeds with Makayla and playtime, Kyle was putting in our new pottty! lol but really it is a nice one. Tomorrows plan: cleaning out the dreaded spare room AKA the junk room. It's full of baby clothes, baby toys, and wrapping paper. I have a feeling tomorrow is not going to be very fun, but it will be nice to have everything organized at least for awhile. On a not so good note... I think Makayla is teething : ( Today was rough she was chewing on her hands all day but did not want to eat I barely got four bottles down her. She's usually a good eater but this whole week she has not wanted to eat much at all. And her usual happy with anything attitude was not present today! I hope things get better for her, because nothing I do is consoling her : ( Well I guess thats all for my first blog hope I didn't bore you too much... or I did and you already switched pages and aren't even reading this... sorry maybe I'll have something more interesting to say next time!