Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Falling behind

Ok... I've been told I'm being a bad blogger by a certain someone so I will write a little about whats been going on which isn't much.

This week has gone by so so fast!!! I spent the rest of the weekend doing some things around the house but still seem like there is so much more to do. Oh and the photo frames we had purchased like 3 months ago are finally up on the wall. We actually have something on the wall in the gameroom now! The spare room is finally cleaned out and organized. And Kobi's room looks great. We finally got it set up where he has a toy shelf! Now he can go into his own room and play by himself. Although Makayla's room is wreck! All of Kobi's outgrown clothes are in there to be sorted and then boxed up to go in the attic until another boy comes along ; ) I'm hoping she will be able to sleep in her room soon, as soon as she starts sleeping through the night again. Yes again... now that she is still not eating as much during the day she wants an extra feeding at night is ok I'm just glad she will eat then so I will gladly wake up to feed her as much as I can. I hope this is a short phase because it is so stressful to feed her these days. I also hope its not a forsight in to the future that she will be a picky eater. Kobi is a great eater I can't imagine having to deal with a picky eater.

Well I'm trying to watch Project Runway and it's a little hard to concentrate on what I am writing so... THE END