Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentines and more!

"Kids Say the darndest things"

I'm not sure how the convo started out but somehow led into Kobi saying he wanted a baby brother. I think because he called Scout (my moms dog) his brother and I corrected him and said he is a dog and cannot be your brother. lol Anyway he then told me that he is going to have a baby brother from daddy's belly! hhhhhhmmmmm.......
BTW I do not necessarily agree with this-----> But I couldn't resist adding it!

On another note we had a little Valentine's Craft party at my mom's on Friday. Kobi and my grandmother made heart people out of pipe cleaners, I wish I had a pic they were so cute! We also made these Valentine's. They are heart flowers made out of foam with a sucker in the middle, you can't read the writing, but it says "I'm a sucker for you!" Their for Kobi to hand out at school and to his other little friends. While we crafted we also snacked on these cookies we made! As you can see Makayla really enjoyed these "treats" she looks like a little puppy begging for food! BTW this was her first and last bite of a cookie for quite sometime!

These are my kiddos in the Valentine's Shirts I made for them! I love that I can create their own holiday shirts! And I already have the designs made out for their Easter and 4th Of July shirts! I think they like them too, what do you think? Although I had a hard time trying to convince Kobi to take off his Turkey shirt he mad to put this one on!


Jason & Katie Pittenger said...

Such sweet little babies!!! I hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Cute Shirts!! That must be so much fun to make all those things for them! I love the brother from daddy's belly comment that is hilarious! I always wonder what Amelia is thinking when I tell her baby Makenna is in Mommy's belly. And those valentines are adorable what a great idea!

Celice said...

The shirts look adorable on them!

Rach said...

I love their shirts! I have tried w/o success to find Hud a cute V-day shirt...well, I did find one at Target but they didn't have his size! You are so crafty and creative! Totally jealous! Hope Kobi's ear is better! :)